Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


Because you are important for us, we give you with all necessarry information and details for completing  your car rental, and to ensure that no possible hidden costs will apear.  We will not deceive your expectations.
Thank you for visiting us and we invite you to know us better. If you have suggestions or complaints please contact us at contact@trip-rentacar.ro.

1. Customer age and driving license validity:

To determine the level of risk when hiring a car for customers between age 18- 25 years, the customer will pay a guarantee double of the value charged for the type of car he rents. The paid guarantee will be double to drivers who have a driver’s licence validity under one year.

For age higher than 25 years, normal conditions will be applied: rental price per day, warranty displayed in “Car details” section, and the possibility to opt for SCDW.

No tax will be paid for the second driver.

The persons who rent, and the suplimentary drivers must have a valid national and / or international driver’s licence.

Copy of the driver’s licence, proof of driving or expired driver licence is not accepted.

2. Pick up city selection / Taxes:

For a car delivery / pickup requests from the airport, a transfer fee of 20 euros will be charged (10 euro at pick up and 10 euro at drop off).

Extra Hours, or car delivery tax outside office hours 18.00 – 22.00 and 07:00 – 09:00 will be equivalent to 10 euro for car delivery and 10 euro for car pick up. Also for car delivery / pick up between 22:00 – 07:00 a 20 euro Tax will be charged.

For weekend delivery / pick up on Saturday and Sunday, a weekend tax of 10 Euro will be paid.

3. Car hand over / suplimentary taxes:

Handing over of the car is made at the place, date and time agreed with the car rental agent, specified in the Rental agreement.

Rental and pick up service is available on request, and subject to availability of the car rental agent.

Request for car delivery or pick up must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance.

Across town of lease car delivery / pick up is free of charge.

If the car drop off is done with a delay of no more than 2 hours, there will be no additional charges; For delays of 2-12 hours a fee equivalent to 50% of the rental per day will be charged, and for delays of over 12 hours will incur a fee equivalent cu100% of the rental per day.

4. Documents necessary for the pick up of the car:

– valid identity card or passport;

– valid driver’s license.

5. Fuel

At the time of delivery, the car will have a full tank, and must be returned with a full tank; otherwise the car rental agent will estimate the missing fuel and make a calculation for the used fuel to cover fuel costs. No additional charges are levied on services of filling the tank, but solely the fuel that is expected to power the car, the customer having assumed the obligation to ensure the return of the car with a full tank.

6. Legal fees for using bridges

Cars belonging to TRIP RENT A CAR are equipped with GPS monitoring system which transmits information to SC SELENA TRIP CAR SRL about the route taken in the rental period.

When using bridges over the Danube between Fetesti and Cernavoda, drivers are obliged to pay to CNADNR a bridge use tax (road tolling applies), and at the time of returning the rented car, must show up proof of payment, upon receipt.

If you do not submit the proof of payment (receipt), being unable to make proof of payment of the bridge using tax imposed by CNADNR, you must accept the payment of 130 RON to SC Selena Trip Car SRL, representing contravention fine, wich will be paid by SC Selena Trip Car SRL to CNADNR.

In case of unpayment, the Customer agrees with the withholding of that amount from his deposit under the lease.

7. Online reservations:

Reservations can be made:

– by paying 10% in advance to confirm your booking; 90% of the difference will be paid at the time of car pick up;

– by payment in full, you will get 5% discount.

After booking online, the customer receives a confirmation e-mail with a provisional booking; He will be contacted by the car rental agent for final confirmation.

The value of the guarantee will be paid in cash, at the time of pick up, or blocked on your credit card, depending on each case.

If you made a reservation at our headquarters via bank transfer / cash and you want to cancel it:

– if the reservation is canceled 48 hours before the due time, the advance / full payment is returned in full;

– for cancelations announced 48-24 hours before the time of reservation, the deposit is not refunded and full payment is only partially refunded – minus a cancellation fee of 15% from the value of the full payment.

– for cancellations announced less than 24 hours advance is not refunded, in case of full payment, it is partially refunded – minus a cancellation fee of 25%.

8. Reservations at TRIP Rent a Car Headquarter:

In case you want to make a reservation:

– You can pay 15 % from the value of hiring in advance by cash / purchase order in EURO ACCOUNT: RO 41 MIRO 0000 7085 0381 0204 SWIFT: MIROROBU BANCA: PROCREDIT BANK or in LEI ACCOUNT: RO90 MIRO 0000 7085 0381 0001 BANCA: PROCREDIT BANK or by credit card in ACCONT no. RO40BTRLRONPOS0351767201 BANCA TRANSILVANIA

– You can pay in full by cash / purchase order in EURO ACCOUNT: RO 41 MIRO 0000 7085 0381 0204 SWIFT: MIROROBU BANCA: PROCREDIT BANK or in LEI ACCOUNT: RO90 MIRO 0000 7085 0381 0001 BANCA: PROCREDIT BANK or by credit card in ACCONT RO40BTRLRONPOS0351767201 BANCA TRANSILVANIA

If a client wants to rent a car immediatelly, at the moment of renting, he pays the full amount of the lease, optional services / objects, mandatory and optional insurance and any additional charges.

The Rental contract value does not include:

– Fuel costs;

– Fines for traffic violations on public roads or of national legislation in force, and costs resulting from the action of local authorities vis-a-vis the vehicle that is subject of this Agreement, in the rental period.

9. Guarantee:

If the excess insurance (SCDW) haven’t been chosen, the warranty will be charged and communicated by the rent a car agent. It is the value which appears on the car detail page.

If the payment is made at the moment of car pick up, the guarantee value will be paid in the moment of signing the Rental agreement.

10. Insurance:

Our cars have MTPL insurance and optional CASCO insurance.

At the time of contract signing, in return of the collateral paid, the customer msy choose from the following excess insurances:

SCDW – eliminating customer financial liability in case of accident (he / she is completely exonerated from liability);The SCDW is set according to car category:

Mini cars / Cheap cars – 9 euro/day

Compacte cars / Standard cars – 13 euro/day

SUV / Van/ Minivan – 18 euro/day

If you desire to leave Romanian territory it is necessary to extend the Casco policy, assuming a surcharge between 10 euros and 50 euros, depending on the value of the rented car and of the transited countries.

Depending on the number of rental days there will be cuts to the total amount of excess:

1-7 days 8-14 days 15-20 days 21-30 days >30 days
Cheap cars 9 euro 7 euro 5 euro 3 euro 3 euro
Compact cars 13 euro 10 euro 7 euro 5 euro 5 euro
SUV and 7 seats 18 euro 14 euro 10 euro 7 euro 7 euro

11. Procedure in case of damage / accident:

The client have the obligation to immediately notify TRIP Rent a Car, and report to the Police any damage occurred on a rented car.

If damage/accident has an unknown author, before returning the car, the client has the obligation to obtain a Repair Authorization from the Police.

If the accident occurred from the client’s fault, in addition to the Repair Authorization obtained from the Police, you have the obligation to bring a report issued by the Police. Also, at the time of drop-off at the headquarters of TRIP, you will need to fill out a written statement.

If the accident was your fault, or the fault of another participant in the traffic, the client has the obligation to complete the finding amicable, or obtain Repair Authorization from the Police, together with the report and a copy of the RCS (MTPL) insurance of the culprit, the drivers licence of the guilty part, if he agrees, and the registration certificate of the car involved in accident. Also, at the time of drop-off the car at the headquarters of TRIP, the client will need to fill out a written statement.

In all cases mentioned above, the client is obliged to check if they have been referred to all damage noted in reparation Authorization, issued by the Police.

12. Our company offers the following accessories for rent on demand:

Child seat 3euro/day

Snow chains 2 euro/ day

GPS System 5euro/ day

Internet To Go 3euro/ day

If the additional equipment is damaged the customer is responsible for paying the full value of it.

Our company will equip cars with winter tires free of charge, respecting the law.

13. Rentals outside Romania:

Rentals outside of Romania are made only with the prior written consent of TRIP Rent a Car.

In this case prices differs from leases in Romania. Also if you travel outside Romania you have kilometers limit, depending on the country you want to reach. If you exceed the mileage limit there will be an extra cost per exceeded kilometer.

All prices shown include VAT.

The total costs of rent / additional services are billed in RON at the selling rate of NBR.

Payment can be made both with debit cards or credit cards. For guarantee payment, the equivalent value of the car hire and car rental payment related services CREDIT cards can be used, and solely for payment of the value car hire and car rental payment related services DEBIT cards can be used.

For any other information please contact us.

With friendship,